QReport an effective Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

By Mikkel – mgu@miracle.dk

Be aware, this blog post is somewhat technical but worth a read.

Now Miracle Q-Inspect has developed intelligent mobile- and web-based software since 2009, one of which is the QReport application.

However, to call QReport an app doesn’t do it justice. Because the system behind the mobile reporting app is so much more. Actually, the QReport development team has enhanced the system to be a fully functional Computererized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) – creating a vast and complex system, which ensures a smooth and user-friendly operating system.

So what is it?

Well, in short a CMMS can be described as a software package, which maintains a computer database containing information about a company’s maintenance operations. The system functions as a process optimisation tool for the company’s employees, making their work flow more intuitive and efficient.

There are 4 major features in a CMMS. First of all, you can manage work orders, such as inspections, maintenance jobs and data collection activities. Second, the system enables asset management, where you can record and keep track of data, equipment or property. Third, it is possible to manage safety regulations and documentation, using the system. Finally, it operates holistically ensuring system integration with other key control systems, within your organisation.

QReport, operates as a CMMS and holds all the advantages that entails.

You can try QReport for free today.

 Are you too busy with your KPI’s to optimise your processes?


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  1. Thanks for this overview of CMMS and its benefits. It’s good for people to understand the finer points of it so they can see if it’s best for their company.

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