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How about making reporting, inspections and documentation faster and easier?
With QReport you can design your own reports. You choose components like audio, pictures, text writing and many others to make the process easy. Put in the information and with only 2 clicks you have a pro report with all the informations in your mail. All you have to do, is create a template using our easy drag and drop functions. You now only have to bring a device that supports our app, and you are all ready to make that professional report in short time. Try your 10 days free trial now.




ToolCHECK is a new way to secure that your tools go through inspections. It makes it easyer to be sure that the tools you or your co-workers use are safe and regularly gets inspected. With this digital tool, you and your co-workers can be more safe. The app will be able to tell you, if the tool has gone through inspection within the rules. Using QR codes on all the tools, the app will let you know if the tool is safe, needs inspection and tracks where the tool was used last time.