The Danish Business Authority supports SMEs implementing digital solutions.


Implementing digital solutions, disclaimer: This blog post is inspired by a press release from the Danish Business Authority, released on Oct. 20 2015. The original article can be found here. Please note that the press release is in Danish.

By Mikkel –

The Danish Business Authority has announced a new initiative, together with the Ministry of Commerce and Financial Growth and industrial partners, to support businesses implementing digital solutions, SMEs in particular. The initiative is a response to an unfortunate trend in Danish business communities, where companies are unwilling or lack incentive, to implement more efficient digital solutions to optimise their business processes.

There are many potential benefits for companies, who make use of e-commerce, data and digital solutions in their businesses. It is not necessarily a costly or difficult process for companies to optimise their business processes through digital solutions. Yet, many businesses hesitate to migrate to more efficient digital processes.

At Miracle Q-Inspect we are excited about the prospect of SMEs finally receiving some political support in their digitalisation efforts, as digital solutions has shown to provide companies with additional growth and cost reduction opportunities. Additionally, such solutions are relatively easy to implement for most organisations.

The QReport App is an example of a digital solution that is easy to implement, at any level of the organisation. Companies who have a need for digital data collection and -processing, inspections and mobile reporting, can save up to 50% on such activities with QReport.

Our mobile reporting app is one of a kind and is by far the most potent digital reporting tool kit for businesses, in particular SMEs.

We are so confident in our products abilities in terms of functionality and usability, that we let it speak for itself. Therefore, anyone with a need for mobile documentation and reporting, can sign up for a 10 Day trail of QReport no strings attached. We do not believe in hidden agendas and complicated terms and conditions, as a method of retaining our customers. We believe that the quality of our services and products are enough to make them stay. Evidence strongly suggests that this is the case.

Register a free 10-day trial
Create your first customised reporting app using drag & drop interface
Download the App for your mobile device
Conduct your inspection/reporting tasks with your mobile device
Create a professional report with a single click

You can try QReport for free today.

Allow your business to grow as a result of effectively implementing digital solutions. Save 50% on documentation and reporting tasks and allocate more funds to invest in your core business.

Feel free to comment or contact us with any questions you might have, about implementing mobile documentation and reporting solutions in your company. We are happy to provide assistance.

Are you too busy with your KPI’s to optimise your processes?


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