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Small and medium sized enterprises are often restricted by a limited budget and it is important to spend every cent as efficiently as possible. Thus, additional investments in process optimisation are often very low or non existent, which is not surprising as SMEs need to focus on their core competencies in order to grow.

However, with correct mobile reporting tools it is possible to achieve a high and fast ROI, even with a limited budget.

Companies, who have a reporting need, tends to use archaic inspection and reporting methods. They miss out on more efficient tools due to budget restrictions.

Old methods

At Miracle Q-Inspect, we provide a more efficient mobile reporting tool. Namely, our QReport system. With QReport SMEs are able to customise their inspections and reporting needs into 1 efficient mobile application. Every individual reporting tool, illustrated above, can be added to the app – greatly reducing the time spend on inspection and reporting activities.


With QReport, companies can save 50% on their inspection and reporting tasks, freeing more resources for other activities. The QReport system allows the user to customise their own personal reporting app, through a drag and drop interface. The user can conduct her inspections and automatically export the data into professional reports, thus limiting the risk of producing faulty reports.

QReport is affordable, adaptable and advantageous making it a superior mobile reporting system, that can be used by anyone, anywhere at any time. 

Read more about QReport and how it works.

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