Avoid near miss occurances and fatal accidents

By Mikkel – mgu@miracle.dk

Companies around the world, danish companies especially, are bound by law to register and report near miss occurances in the workplace. The offshore industry is particularly aware of the legislation, due to its volatile and at times hazardous work environment.

The process of reporting potential hazards in the workplace can be very time consuming. For instance, a worker, who notices a faulty wiring, exposed cables etc., needs to stop working, report the issue and perform documentation using a variety of reporting tools.

Because of this, many companies and organisations spend a lot of time and resources on work hazard registration. A process, which is easily optimised by implementing the right tools.

Today, many companies demand that their workers report near miss occurances, using archaic reporting methods, i.e multiple reporting tools. This process can be optimised by implementing digital documentation solutions, such as the QReport software.

With QReport the employees can register near miss hazards with their mobile device, making the process much less time-consuming. By constructing a custom template, the process is optimised limiting the time spend on near miss reporting.

You can try QReport for free today.

Don’t let registration tasks limit your core business processes. Document and report potential hazards immediately with your mobile device.

Are you too busy with your KPI’s to optimise your processes?


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