About QReport

The flexibility of QReport allows a simple way to integrate the system with existing systems and a wide range of financial systems, and thereby achieve even greater economic benefits of using the system. Basically it is a cloud solution hosted by Miracle Q-Inspect, but it is – if required – possible to place data either on completely separate servers in the hosting environment or on a server in a location specified by the customer. Contact us for an in-depth dialogue about opportunities for your business.

About toolCHECK

toolCHECK can easily be extended to perform other tasks, such as GPS tracking of materials, and thus constitute a total delivery where everything from screwdrivers to specialized cranes can be managed, controlled and administrered using one single system. toolCHECK can be used as a simple and fast solution to quickly document visual checks, which is particularly effective when these should be made frequently, such as E.g. playgrounds, hazardous areas, safety, etc.

Operating Agreement

The operating agreement is for a 3-year period with yearly payments. Operating Agreements may be adapted to the individual customer’s needs, irrespective if you already have the phones/tablets to use, require a special model, have phone insurance, etc.

The agreement provides the following benefits:

  • Free setup
  • Free phone support
  • Customized reporting tempate
  • Purchase of the telephones for 1 DKK after 3 years
  • Ensured the latest updates
  • Continuous product development
  • Free shipping
  • Training of new users

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