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The story of Miracle Q-Inspect began in 2010, where our company was founded as a partnership between experienced engineers in the construction industry and the IT house Miracle A/S that has some of the best IT-programmers in the world.

Miracle Q-inspect emerged from a need on the market to be able to save time on statutory quality assurances such as documentations, inspections and reportings.  Our solutions are obtained through solid practical experience with QA’s in the construction industry combined with superior IT skills.

With this combination, we are able to develop innovative and user-friendly app systems for mobile devices that are based on the customer’s individual needs, and that can easily be managed by people without any particular technological skills.

As a small business Miracle Q-inspect has the advantage of being able to adapt quickly to new needs emerging from a fast changing market. This also means that we are not limited to delivering solutions only to the construction industry from where we have our roots, but to a greater extent deliver solutions to the offshore, wind and retail industry as well as municipalities and other public bodies.

At Miracle Q-Inspect we strive to produce outstanding mobile reporting- and registrationtools, including our mobile documentation- and reporting app QReport and our toolregistration app toolCHECK.

We constantly focus on producing quality user-friendly systems and we position our customers' individual needs at the center of our development- and decision making processes.

It is on this foundation that we continue our story.




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