Healthcare sector or sustainability. Or a third option?


For the healthcare sector we provide audit templates to maintain and improve quality within hand hygiene, infection hygiene, cleaning, occupational risk assessment and a host of other areas, where digitalizing with QReport has documentable and solid improvements within hygiene, quality and time consumption, and is used both i hospitals and in the rest of the primary care sector.


Within sustainability we offer the digital tool our customers need to sell, produce, build, install, inspect, document and service for e.g. wind turbines, EV-chargers, heat pumps, waste recycling machinery, and more.

Do we support other industries?

Yes we do! Our primary focus may be on healthcare and sustainability / renewable energy

but there are many customers with significant similarities - E.g. utilities working with large technical assets - or who have

similar processes - E.g. within quality, hygiene or occupational safety - that we are proud to serve.

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