FAQ - QReport App:

My phone ran out of battery, are all my inspections still on the phone?

Yes, QReport saves your inspections on the SD card of your device so it can always be retrieved.

There is no mobile coverage where I work. Does the program still work?

Yes, the program works even if there is no SIM-card in the phone or if there is no network coverage.

How do I make a drawing on the image on the mobile phone / tablet?

When you have saved the photo by pressing “save”, you can open it for editing by tapping on it. When editable, the image is shown in size on the phone/tablet, and it is now possible to the opportunity to draw on it with your finger , rescale the image and rotate it. Pressing the back button , you can cancel the latest change made. When you are finished editing the image , press save and the new image will be saved in the report.

How do you create a new project / case on the phone?

In QReport, all cases are called Projects . From the main menu , press the Plus symbol to either create a project orto download an existing project from the server. When you create the case (project) , you must also choose the template that you will use for it, and then simply name the case ( project).

If I lose my phone is it possible for others to see what I have written in my report?

Yes -but only if they have access to your company’s area in QReport online, and only for the projects that were synchronized before you lost your phone. We therefore recommend that you routinely synchronize when you finish your inspections or when you have wifi access. The best solution is to synchronize online , if you have mobile data subscription from your mobile carrier.

How do you create new room or other new menu items on your phone?

In each menu , there is a small “+” icon that you press if you want to add a name for a room , a task , a solution responsible for a task, etc. The additions apply only to the individual project currently being inspected – the template itself and all the other projects that use the same template are unaffected.

How do you take a cover photo for the report?

The cover photo is usually taken before the first inspection ; it is done by pressing the Camera button on the “Home screen” of the project. If you want to change the cover photo, this can be done in the same place. Please note that the cover photo does not change until you synchronize your device with the server.

FAQ - QReport online: (PC/Mac):

How do you set up menus, so they are equal on all projects?

In QReport only you can design your inspection templates under “Templates ” to suit your inspection requirements and processes. We have decided to call these standard inspection set-ups Templates because they can individually be used for many different projects and still provide the same structure on both inspections and reports , so as to achieve uniformity in both. When you change the template, it will affect all future projects that are created with the template. You can also edit the inspection for a single project – e.g. add menu items – which is limited to this single project . Remember to sync your phone afterwards , so that the changes are implemented for the next inspection of the project.

Can the same setup be used on different phones / tablets?

Yes – that is exactly the idea behind using standard templates and the ability to customize these of each individual project where deemed necessary. When you have Wi -Fi connection or when you are online , you can download the latest updates of templates and projects , to ensure you always have the latest information with you. At the same time it allows a user to inspect on behalf of an absent colleague in the exact same input and output format as the colleague, since all the process- and project-specific details will be available via phone / tablet.

Can you save multiple setups?

Yes – By default, there are 3 templates with the QReport , and you can buy more if needed.

How do I get my own logo put into the report by default?

When editing templates in QReport, it is possible to add logos, specific colours, etc. to the reports . It is also possible to change to another logo for a single report – for example to send to a specific customer or report recipient.

Why does my QReport not look like the one showed in the user manual?

We have designed QReport to first and foremost to run on the Google Chrome browser, but it also works fine in Safari, Firefox, Opera, and others . We know that many are experiencing problems with Internet Explorer, so we recommend that you always use Chrome , which in addition is both free and easy to download .

Can I add images or other files to the report in QReport online?

Yes. You can attach most file types to the report in QReport. For instance, you can add results from measuring devices that could not be read during the inspection, old pictures from previous inspections, or old inspection reports that are relevant for the new report in QMaster. However, please be aware that storing such files could take up much of your allocated storage on the server.

FAQ toolCHECK (PC/Mac):

Does toolCHECK require an online connection on the phone?

toolCHECK requires that you are able to communicate with the server to check the equipment in and out, access to the current user, etc. One can be both online via mobile broadband or via Wi-Fi.




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